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View Images In Firefox
    If you use and work with images and graphics a lot, this tip will
    show you how to use Firefox for image viewing instead of the
    default IE.
    Using IE6 for images is a disadvantage because to view multiple
    images, you have to open each image in a new IE window.
    By using Firefox for image viewing, you can open your images in
    Tabs, and use Firefox extensions with them.
How to do it
    Right click on an image file on your computer (png, jpeg, gif etc)
    Select Properties
    In the General tab, you’ll see that it says;
    Opens with: Internet Explorer
    Select “Change”
    Select Firefox
    Hit ok
    Then Apply
    That’s it
How to image
How to image
How to image
    Do this for each image file type that you want Firefox to open.
    This works for png, jpeg, gif (plus animated gif) on Win XP
    (other systems may be possible but I haven’t tested them yet).
    Now that you’ve done this, you can open these images in Tabs
    instead of a bunch of IE windows and use Firefox extensions
    with them such as, Colorzilla, Measure It, Web Developer
    Toolbar and more.
    To open a folder of images in Tabs, hit Ctrl+a in a folder
    containing your images, then right click and select open and all
    of your images will open in multiple Tabs in Firefox.
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