Firefox Shortcuts & Tips
Firefox Shortcuts
    Learn to navigate Firefox like a pro with
    these keyboard and mouse Firefox shortcuts.
    Different formats are provided for the
    shortcuts so that you're sure to find one
    that meets your needs.
    View the Firefox shortcuts online at anytime
    by visiting the links below.
    Here's a tip:
    You can simply click on a tab and drag it to
    the Bookmarks Toolbar or the Bookmarks
    menu to quickly add a shortcut.
    Firefox Shortcuts Online:
    Regular Print
    Large Print
    Here are two Firefox shortcuts printable
    PDF's so that you can print them and have
    them close by.
    Right click and "Save Link As" to save the
    Firefox Shortcuts PDF's:
    Regular Print
    Large Print
PDF Image
Word Doc
    These are useful for the fact that you can
    rearrange tables, change font sizes and
    colors etc and print them out.
    Firefox Shortcuts Word Format:
    Regular Print
    Large Print
Word icon
Other Systems
    Firefox shortcuts for other operating systems
    can be found at the following addresses.
    Shortcuts for Mac
    Shortcuts for Linux
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