Firefox Shortcuts and Tips
The Firefox Profile Manger
    Using the Profile manager will allow you to have different Firefox
    Profiles with completely different Firefox settings, Themes,
    Extensions, passwords and so on.
    To access the Profile Manager, follow this path in Windows.
    Start Menu>Run and type in:
    firefox.exe –profilemanager
    Make sure that you uncheck where it says “Don’t ask at startup”.
    Then you may create as many Profiles as you wish.
    The directions for this are self explanatory and they located in the
    Profile Manager.
Profile Manager image
Profile In Use
    Sometimes you may see the Profile is in use prompt.
    A lot of times a user may accidentally create a new Profile and it’ll
    appear that your settings and Bookmarks are gone,
    they’re not, they’re just in another profile.
    To get back to your default Profile, open the Profile Manager as
    explained above and simply select your default Profile and you’ll
    be good to go.
Profile in use image
Kill The Profile
    Another time you may see the Profile in use prompt is when you
    close Firefox and try to restart it.
    Fixing is this is very easy.
    In Windows, open your task manager
    You can access it by typing C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\taskmgr.exe
    into Run via your Start Menu.
    While the Task Manager is open, click on Processes and look for
    firefox.exe or something similar.
    Then, click on firefox.exe and select End Process.
    You’ll be prompted with “Are you sure you want to terminate the
    Select yes, close the Task Manager and then restart Firefox. In
    very rare instances, if this method does not work,
    then restart your system, but it is highly unlikely that you will
    have to.
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