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Speed up PDF viewing in Firefox
    As we all know, viewing a PDF online is a slow and sometimes
    annoying process because it takes awhile to fully load the document.
    This tip will help you to view PDF’s quicker by making a few basic
    adjustments to Firefox.
    PDF’s open up much quicker from your computer than they do on the
    Internet. All we’re going to do is to tell Firefox to save the PDF to
    your computer rather than have it open by using the Adobe plugin in
    Firefox, by simply changing the settings in Firefox.
Step 1
    With Firefox open, follow this path to get to the appropriate settings
Tools > Options > Downloads > Downloads Actions > View & Edit Actions.
Firefox Options Menu
Step 2
    Select PDF Adobe Acrobat Document as seen in the image below and
    click on "Change Action...".
Firefox Download Actions Preview
Step 3
    While in the "Change Action" window, select "Save them to my
    Where the file ends up depends on your own configuration but it's
    usually the Desktop. You can choose where it's saved under the
    Downloads Tab
    in Tools> Options > Downloads.
Firefox PDF Actions Preview
Step 4
    Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each Adobe Extension that you see, close all
    windows and that's it.
Firefox Download Actions screenshot
    You can test out your new settings by entering .pdf in Google.
    If all goes well, PDF documents will now be saved to your computer
    for quicker viewing.
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