RGB Lab banner by Ken Saunders
Using RGB Lab
    First you select one of the six color marks at the top of the main
    window. Then you set the color of the selected color mark.
    There are several ways to set the color of a color mark. One way is to
    type the RGB values, decimal or hexadecimal, and click on the Set
    Another way is to use the scroll bars to the right in the main window.
    Yet another way is to click on the color bar below the color marks.
    You can also drag and drop from the selected color mark to any pixel
    on the screen, the way you do with many other color pickers, if you
    check Color Pick Mode on the Edit menu.
    The fastest way to set the color of the selected color mark is to click
    on a color in the Websafe palette, Failsafe palette, or JavaScript
    palette. Point at one of the color in one of the palettes, and you will
    see information about that color. Click on Copy From Color Mark and
    Paste From Color Mark on the Edit menu if you want to copy and paste
    a color from one color mark to another.

    Naming the color
    Once you have set the color of a color mark, you can, if you wish,
    write a color name above it. Replace the default text with a color
    name of your own choice.
    If there are JavaScript color in your palette, RGB Lab can name them
    automatically for you. Click on Find JavaScript Names on the Edit

    Saving the colors in the form of a text file
    When your work is done, you can save the six colors and their names
    in a text file. Click on Save Palette As... on the File menu.

    Opening saved files
    You can open a saved file in RGB Lab to view the six colors and their
    RGB colors codes, or in Notepad, if you only want to view the RGB
    color codes. Click on Open Palette In RGB Lab... or Open Palette In
    Notepad... on the File menu. (Click Ctrl+

    Opening new files
    If you want to start all over again, click on New Palette on the File

    Autocopy the RGB color codes
    If you just need a couple of RGB color codes fast, the RGB color code
    of the selected color in RGB Lab is automatically available on the
    clipboard in Windows, so you can paste the RGB color code
    immediately in any document or development tool.
    Make sure the right format is selected in the list box in the main
    window and paste the RGB color code in your favorite development
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